Our story began in April 2006 where we hosted an evening of Christian art and music at the Dome in Brighton. Even in our infancy, we realised there was a call for this event in our community, so revisited it again in January 2008.

In Summer 2010 we took our event to Brighton’s seafront. With hundreds attending and our excitement growing, we decided that Easter 2011 would be the perfect time to launch Brighton’s first ever open-air performance of the Passion of Christ next to the historic West Pier. This was the first year we joined with James Burke-Dunsmore, Artistic Director of Soul by the Sea, and the original Passion of Christ team, in order to put on this production.

In 2012 we dedicated the Easter weekend to family entertainment and music, culminating on Easter Sunday with a performance of the Passion of Christ. Last year we devoted an entire weekend to the Passion of Christ production on the grounds of St Peter’s Church, Brighton, where over 2,000 people attended. This year we’re back on St Peter’s grounds and hoping to extend our audience and message even wider!