Christmas Nativity

The Christmas Nativity Event
The Christmas Nativity is a true to the scripture re telling of one of the world’s most recognised stories. Performed during the festive season, this community project uses volunteer cast and crew and is a world away from the usual nativity story.

2014 Event
Information coming soon.

History of the event
From the 2012 description:
A Christmas nativity play like no other brought Brighton to life in December 2012 with the inaugural production of the Christmas Nativity, a performance of one of the world’s most recognised stories.

The traditional nativity play can be beautiful, but the actual biblical story told by Matthew and Luke is often unrecognisable in these productions. Soul by the Sea presented a new nativity production, which told the whole narrative of John the Baptist and Jesus’ births in full, as written in the scriptures.

James Burke-Dunsmore, Director of the Christmas Nativity led a volunteer cast from Brighton to put on a truly gritty and moving performance.